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Why should I see a Chiropractor?

The simplest most direct answer is “To feel better,” but there are many other answers to the question “WHY?”

1. To relieve pain both chronic and acute.

2. To restore/maintain normal joint function and alignment which may help decrease the normal degeneration that occurs as we age.

3. To prevent progressive worsening of a condition, e.g. people who “blow” or herniate discs typically have a long history of back pain and injuries. Proper treatment and exercise before a disc “blows” can dramatically reduce the likelihood of it herniating.

4. To prevent the development of scar tissue and maladaptive body compensation after an injury.

5. To relieve muscle spasms, reduce swelling and improve range of motion, and reduce or relieve stiffness.

Antrim Chiropractic Center  |  11416 Williamsport Pike, Greencastle, PA 17225  |  Telephone: (717) 597-0028  |  Fax: (717) 597-0033