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I have heard that once I start seeing a chiropractor I have to come forever. Is this true?

Dr. Metz believes that many people can benefit from a proactive approach to spinal health with regular back check-ups and adjustments just like you go for regular dental check-ups, for example. You can do preventative care, or you can go when you have a cavity. The problem is that it takes more care and money to fix a problem then it does to prevent it from happening in the first place. This type of preventative care can be especially beneficial for those with a history of back and neck problems.

Regular care for people with chronic pain can improve their quality of life and reduce their need for drugs. Many drugs can impair mental faculties and present long term health risks. Some competitive athletes also benefit from regular care because of the tremendous demands they place on their bodies. Treatment for athletes helps them maintain and enhance their competitive edge.
Chiropractic is a method of healing which helps the body function at its best.

Many patients choose to get check-ups once every 3 weeks, 1 month, 6 weeks, or 2 months, for example. Others return as needed.

Antrim Chiropractic Center  |  11416 Williamsport Pike, Greencastle, PA 17225  |  Telephone: (717) 597-0028  |  Fax: (717) 597-0033