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What is a subluxation?

This is the name chiropractors give to the spinal joint dysfunction that they correct by manipulation or adjustment. The subluxation is a functional entity, not necessarily a structural one, and therefore often is not visible on x-ray. For example, a sprained ankle is very painful and certainly causes dysfunction, but x-ray will not usually show anything abnormal.

A modern consensus definition is: "A motion segment ( a motion segment simply put is a joint ie. the joint between two vertebra) in which alignment, movement integrity, and /or physiologic function are altered although contact between the joint surfaces remains intact."

Its components are:

1. Abnormal function and/or range of motion in a spinal joint

2. Nerve and /or vascular involvement

3. Often, but not necessarily, some structural displacement.

Not all components have to be present, for a subluxation to exist.

Causes of subluxation are divided into two basic categories extrinsic, or external, and intrinsic, or internal. Some extrinsic causes include: Trauma, posture, occupation, micro-trauma, and overuse. Some intrinsic causes include: Fatigue, stress, scoliosis, illness, structural abnormalities, and arthritis.

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