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from Kristy L., Mercersburg, PA

"My 4 year old daughter had been complaining regularly that her lower back hurt ever since she could speak. After going through every test imaginable with our MD, including bone scans, I took her to see Dr. Metz on the advice of a friend. After three visits, she had no more complaints of her back hurting."


from Irene N., Waynesboro, PA

"I've had chronic tennis elbow for over 1 year . After 4 treatments with the therapeutic laser, my pain was 100% gone."


from Christine B., Greencastle, PA

"Over the last 15 years I have been a patient of several different chiropractors. I am very happy with Antrim Chiropractic. Dr. Derrik treats my back and neck pain with care and expertise, and unlike other chiropractors, does not impose treatment means that I don’t particularly like. I get immediate pain relief without drugs or side effects. Helen is also great – she is always able to work with my hectic schedule and can get me last minute appointments when needed. She is always friendly and helpful. I am so glad I found Antrim Chiropractic, and I look forward to each treatment."


from Nancy S., Greencastle, PA

"My sciatic pain was limiting my daily activities. Nobody was more skeptical of chiropractic than me, but I’m so glad I decided to try it. Please don’t live in pain and try it for yourself.

My quality of life was improved almost 100% after going to Antrim Chiropractic Center. The staff is very professional but also makes you feel comfortable and at home."


from Donald C., Greencastle, PA

“I had been to my family doctor who referred me to a surgeon for leg and ankle pain I had been having. I decided to try Antrim Chiropractic before considering surgery after hearing about the cold laser therapy. I’m very happy with the treatments and felt immediate relief in my ankle and leg after only one treatment. I’m now almost pain free. I encourage anyone to try Chiropractic care before considering surgery or living on pain pills.”


Antrim Chiropractic Center  |  11416 Williamsport Pike, Greencastle, PA 17225  |  Telephone: (717) 597-0028  |  Fax: (717) 597-0033